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At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we pride ourselves on our heritage as fourth-generation plumbing professionals. We have 40 years of experience as a master plumber and gasfitter, and can address the installation and repair needs of any plumbing system or plumbing-related appliance. Over the course of several decades, we’ve developed a sterling reputation for unbeatable service and workmanship, along with honest, fair pricing. There’s no plumbing issue we can’t handle, and we approach every job from a place of integrity and a solid commitment to stellar customer service.

We specialize in tank and tankless water heaters, and we’re confident that no other plumber can match our level of expertise. Whatever the nature of your water heater needs, we’re the plumber to choose for installation, replacement, inspections, or water heater repair in Huntsville, AL. In addition to our work with water heaters, you can count on us for unparalleled service with gas, sewer, or water lines, along with the repair and installation of practically any home appliance. To learn more about our team or set up a time for service, give us a call today at (256)-885-4333.

Types of Water Heaters and Water Heater Repair

Our skill with water heaters encompasses any type of unit you might have. Whether you’ve sprung for the dependability of a gas heater, an economical electric unit, a cost-efficient heat pump, or a tankless model, we’re the technicians to trust for installation, repairs, and maintenance. We approach each water heater project with expertise and a commitment to thorough, quality work. When you hire us to install a new device, we understand all the intricacies and adjustments that lead to optimized performance. If you want to experience the full capabilities of your appliance, along with a maximized lifespan, you’ll trust us for all your maintenance and water heater repair needs.

Electric Water Heaters

Though most people spring for gas water heaters, electric devices do have some viable benefits. For example, electric water heaters are generally cheaper to purchase and install. There is no need for the installation of a vent through your roof, nor must you find a spot that affords the heater space on every side. This means that an electric water heater can go practically anywhere, which makes it the ideal solution for a home or business with limited space. You also don’t have to worry about a pilot light, since these units have electric ignitions. Lastly, if you’re hesitant in regards to the hazards associated with gas, you can employ an electric heater for total peace of mind.

Gas Water Heaters

Plumber Standing Confidently Before a Gas Water Heater.

We Can Address Any Possible Need for a Gas Water Heater, Including Repairs and Installs.

The standard choice for tank-based water heaters, gas appliances offer unbeatable durability, along with reliable, consistent service. Though somewhat more expensive to purchase and install, gas water heaters are much more cost-efficient than electric devices. This means you’ll have cheaper monthly utility bills, to the extent that the heater will more than repay the cost differential. Gas devices also have greater heating capabilities, and can typically heat water at twice the rate of an electric device.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

In addition to standard tank water heaters, we also service tankless devices. These units take up much less room, since they have no water storage tank. Instead of constantly heating and re-heating a stored supply of water, tankless heaters work on-demand. This means that, once the water gets hot, you have an essentially limitless supply. A typically-sized home with two-and-a-half baths can get by with a single large unit, though a second unit could help on especially cold days, or if you have a large family. In addition to convenience, tankless water heaters waste much less energy, since there is no stored supply of water to keep at a consistent temperature.

Water Heater Boosters

Hot water heater boosters install on a standard heater to effectively double its production capacity. These devices dilute the hot water that leaves the tank with cold water, and can double the amount of heated water that travels through your pipes. If you worry that the dilution will leave your water lukewarm, never fear: you simply raise the water heater’s temperature setting to offset the inclusion of cold water. As an added benefit, setting your water heater to its highest setting will kill any harmful bacteria that may lurk in the tank.

Propane Water Heaters

A standard water heater will persist in service for about 10 years. Over the course of that time, a propane unit can save up to $4,000 on the price of its operation when compared to an electric device. Highly cost efficient, these devices heat twice as fast as electric heaters, and have recovery rates high enough to render a nearly continuous supply of heated water. The efficiency and heat potential of propane allow for a smaller unit to handle a larger workload. This means propane water heaters have smaller space requirements, and can install in a greater variety of places.

High Recovery Water Heaters

Practically every type of gas water heater has a high or quick recovery option. The average gas or propane device can heat around 40 gallons of water in an hour. A high recovery water heater, on the other hand, can heat an additional 15. More hot water allows these devices to serve higher demand, which makes it less likely you’ll run out in the midst of a busy morning. If you do run out of water, a quick recovery unit will recover much faster than a standard heater.

Water Heater Inspection & Testing

In order to receive the full value of your water heater investment, you need regular maintenance. At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we offer preventative maintenance through our water heater inspection and testing service. If you schedule this service on an annual basis, you can expect a broad host of benefits. We can address safety concerns with gas units, and make sure that no gas or carbon monoxide can escape to endanger your family. We can also make the adjustments allow for enhanced energy efficiency, a service that will save you money on a monthly basis. Most importantly, we can catch potential problems early, before they turn into major repair requirements. For example, if sediment has begun to settle in your tank, we can flush the device to prevent its hardening. We will also ensure that every aspect of your heater’s operation and installation meets local code requirements.

Water Heater Services

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC represents the regional expert for any needs with water heater repair or installation. We service a wide range of devices, including gas and electric, propane, and heat pump heaters. The kind you choose for your home or business depends on your hot water needs and budget. If you’re not sure which to select, our team will gladly offer honest, expert advice. When the time comes for water heater replacement, we’ll perform an optimized installation of your chosen unit, and remove the old device to save you the hassle of disposal.

Gas Line Services

Gas Line Service

You shouldn’t trust just anyone for your gas service, since the consequences of incompetence are extreme. At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we can ensure the safe operation of your gas appliances. We also install new gas lines, and can help you realize the dream of a gas-powered outdoor kitchen, or the addition of a new gas appliance. If you have preexisting lines available, we can even convert them to gas. We’re also your local solution for gas water heater repair, general line repairs, leak detection, and line pressure testing. Want to make your home more cozy? Call us at (256)-885-4333 to discuss the installation of a gas log fireplace.

Sewer & Drain Services

Sewer & Drain Services

Trench for a Sewer Line

We’re Your Experts for Any Sewer Line Service.

In addition to our work with water heaters and gas lines, we also offer premium service for your home or business’s plumbing. We have over 40 years of experience as a plumber, and can quickly diagnose and repair practically any problem. When it comes to your sewer line, we offer the drain cleaning services you need to keep thing flowing smoothly. If  you suspect an obstruction in your sewer, call us right away to prevent serious consequences from a backed up line. We also service water lines, and can quickly locate and repair any leak. If the time has come for a major repiping project, you can trust in our experience and affordable pricing.

Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation

The team at Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC serves as your local authority for any appliance installation needs. As a general rule, you want to suppress the DIY tendency when it comes to major appliances. This is especially true for gas appliances, since they require a professional to meet local code requirements. Appliances we specialize in include garbage disposals, pressure tanks, and recirculation pumps. For needs with these or any major appliance, reach out to our expert team today at (256)-885-4333.

Fast Water Heater Replacement & Repair

At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we represent your local, experienced, and trusted solution for any water heater repair need. We understand how much you depend on the consistent operation of your heater, and we can help you avert the issues that lead to failure. If you have a water heater that has served for 10 years or more, call us today at (256)-885-4333 for an inspection. We can  quickly replace your old unit with a new, more energy-efficient device. For this or any other needs with water heater repair in Huntsville, AL, make the smart choice in Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC.