Appliance Installation in Huntsville, AL

A Gas-Powered Water Heater That Has Received the Benefit of Professional Appliance Installation.

Appliance Installation for Gas Devices Necessitates a Pro.

Whether you’ve purchased new appliances for a brand-new home, or have decided to finally replace your old water heater, appliance installation can represent a tricky business. Despite the hassle, time requirement, and potential for danger, however, many homeowners choose to attempt the chore on their own. Unfortunately, major appliances are not like televisions or stereo systems, which simply require you to plug wires into appropriate outlets. Whereas a mistake with your TV or computer will simply impede functionality, incorrectly installed appliances can pose a serious hazard.

At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we’re your local experts for professional appliance installation. We can not only hook up your dishwasher or other appliance, we can perform an optimized installation that brings out the utmost capabilities of your new device. In addition to all plumbing and gas-related major appliances, we also specialize in the install of garbage disposals, pressure tanks, and recirculation pumps. To learn more about these or schedule professional appliance installation in Huntsville, AL, give our team a call at (256)-885-4333.

Possible Problems with DIY Appliance Installation

More goes into appliance installation than simple placement and connection to a socket. In fact, you may not even have the correct hook-ups for your new clothes dryer, washing machine, or stove. In addition to placement and connections, some appliances , like dishwashers, require proper mounting. The incorrect installation of a dishwasher can actually lead to major water leaks, a consequence that will lead to costly repairs.

Gas appliances, in particular, should always benefit from professional installation. The consequences of inexperienced handling include gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, or even an explosion. You could also find yourself at odds with local code regulations, which typically require that professionals both make and test gas connections.

Why You Need a Pro

Technician Performing Appliance Installation

Some Appliances Also Require Proper Mounting.

In addition to safety, there exist many reasons to hire a pro for the installation of your next major appliance. If you feel as if, despite the possible hazards, you could still handle installation yourself, consider whether it’s worth the loss of these benefits.

Optimized Performance: A professional installer, such as that you’ll find at Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, can make all the appliance connections and adjustments necessary for efficient, peak performance. This will not only improve the device’s functionality, but also save you money on monthly energy bills.

Avoidance of Injury and Property Damage: Appliances are not merely difficult to install, but also heavy and cumbersome to move. The transport of a stove from your pick-up truck to the house can lead to a strained back, or worse. Furthermore, if you drop your appliance, you may damage both it and your floor. You may also scratch your flooring, snag your carpet, and gouge or scratch walls and doors.

Delivery and Disposal: Most people do not choose to replace perfectly functional appliances. Unless you know of a specific outlet for the re-sale of broken or malfunctioning devices, you will likely need to get rid of your old appliance. Also, consider how you plan to transport your new purchase from the store to your home. If you own a small car, you would need to pay for delivery. Most professional installers will include this service in the cost of installation, and will also take your old device away for disposal.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Technician Practicing Appliance Installation with a Garbage Disposal.

To Avoid Leaks or Poor Performance, Have a Professional Install Your Garbage Disposal.

Garbage disposals have become a prevalent part of practically every kitchen set-up. The devices are so handy, and their function so integral, that many people simply expect their presence as part of a standard kitchen. This does not make them simple to install or service, however. Improper installation can lead to hampered operation from the disposal itself, or water leaks. At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we can perform installations and repairs that will leave your garbage disposal primed for years of food-waste obliteration. If you notice any of the following issues with your garbage disposal, call us for professional service.

  • The device hums when turned on, but doesn’t seem to work.
  • The disposal has begun to leak.
  • It has a foul odor that you cannot dissipate.
  • Water drains slowly through the disposal.
  • The disposal simply won’t turn on.

For repair of these issues or garbage disposal installation in Huntsville, AL, call Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC today at (256)-885-4333.

Professional Pressure Tank Installation

If your water comes from a well, there’s a good chance that you will experience problems with low water pressure. Because of this, pressure tanks represent a standard component of modern well pump set-ups. These two devices, the well pump and pressure tank, work jointly to provide your home with adequately pressurized water. If your well pump has begun to fail, there’s a good chance you’ll also need pressure tank replacement. The following signs indicate a failing or failed pressure tank:

  • Short-Cycling: If your pressure tank rapidly turns on and off, you need immediate service.
  • Overheating: Water pressure that suddenly goes from strong to nonexistent can indicate an overheating pressure tank. This can become a particularly obnoxious problem, as the pressure tank will seemingly work fine once it’s had a chance to cool down.
  • Damaged Bladder: A pressure tank with a damaged bladder will not provide adequately pressurized water.

For problems with water pressure or a short-cycling pressure tank, you will at least need repair, and possibly the installation of a new device. For pressure tank installation in Huntsville, AL, trust the team at Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC.

Benefits of a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

The installation of a hot water recirculating pump, along with any necessary piping, represents another of our specialties. If you cannot stand to wait for the interval it takes for hot water to flow from your faucets, a recirculating pump presents an ideal solution. We install these at the point of distribution for your hot water, where they function to slowly circulate water through your piping, into the water heater, and back again. To enable this task, you will need to either employ a new, dedicated line, or your cold water piping. Whichever you choose, Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC represents the expert source for comprehensive service with a hot water recirculating pump in Huntsville, AL.

As for advantages, you will have continual, immediate access to hot water. You will also no longer have to send gallons of water down the drain as you wait for hot water to arrive. Recirculating pumps become particularly vital in large homes, or homes with a tankless water heater. For the former, the absence of a recirculating pump means it will take an inordinately long amount of time for hot water to travel to the furthest reaches of your home. For the latter, recirculated, heated water can fill the roll of a tank, and enable the immediate provision of hot water.

Optimized Installs from an Expert Plumber

At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we’re your local, expert solution for the installation of stoves, dishwashers, hot water heaters, and most other appliances. The amount of time and effort you can save makes this service invaluable, not to mention the benefits to appliance functionality and your personal safety. In addition to major appliances, we also service and install garbage disposals, pressure tanks, and hot water recirculating pumps. For repairs or new appliance installation in Huntsville, AL, call our expert team today at (256)-885-4333.