Sewer and Drain Service in Huntsville, AL

A Clogged Pipe in Desperate Need of Drain Service.

Serious Clogs Like This Need the Benefit of Our Drain Service.

Your water and sewage lines are the most important elements of your plumbing. While your water line provides for the entry of water, your sewer handles its exit. Every drain in your home, from the shower to your sinks, empties into your sewer line. Problems here can therefore manifest as comprehensively sluggish drains, bad smells, and even the overflow of sewage. To properly maintain your sewer, trust Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC for drain service. At the very least, you will want to schedule periodic drain cleaning to maintain the integrity of your system. Sewer lines aside, we can also handle your water line repair for the comprehensive service of your home’s chief plumbing elements.

In addition to our service with sewer and water lines, along with your drains, we can also address the necessity for whole house repiping. A major service, repiping involves the complete removal of old, deteriorated lines, and replacement with new. Considering the expense and scope of this service, you should not trust it to just any plumber. At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we have many years of experience with every element of plumbing repair, and are ready to display our expertise for any service you might need. For everything from sewer line cleaning to comprehensive drain service for Huntsville, AL clients, call (256)-885-4333 today.

Signs You Need Sewer & Drain Service

Old Plumbing That Received Drain Service.

If Your Old Plumbing Has Begun to Fail, You May Need a Repipe.

A variety of signs can indicate your need for sewer and drain services. Make sure to not only stay aware of these signs, but also act quickly should they appear. Sewer line problems have a tendency to rapidly worsen, and the last thing you want is for sewage to suddenly overflow your bathtub or sink drains.

  • Bad Smells: A sewer line should exist securely buried beneath the ground. If you notice the smell of sewage, either in your home or yard, you likely have a leaking or ruptured line.
  • Slow Drains: Since every drain in your home empties into the sewer, obstructions there will eventually lead to comprehensive sluggishness and, in the worst case, the eruption of sewage into your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Odd Patches in Your Yard: The waste that escapes through a sewer line leak will act as fertilizer for your yard. If you notice any strangely lush patches of grass, call for a sewer line inspection.

A leaking sewer line can also serve to attract pests like rodents and insects. The presence of these critters can lead to an all-new set of problems, so you’ll want to get your sewer line issue resolved as quickly as possible. For drain service in Huntsville, AL, don’t hesitate to call your local experts at (256)-885-4333.

Water & Sewer Line Repair

In addition to our services with sewer line repair, we can also resolve problems with your main water line. Your water line connects to the municipal water main to deliver clean water to your home. Problems with this line can result in a range of troubles for your home, including low water pressure or water seemingly polluted with dirt or other contaminants. If you water line ruptures, then you have a serious plumbing emergency. Make sure you call our team right away should your yard suddenly appear soggy, or if water service abruptly stops inside your home.

For both water and sewer line repair, our team strives to provide non-invasive solutions. Occasionally, however, we will need to dig to render service to these buried lines. Should this occur, you can count on us to do our best to leave your yard as we found it. The next time you suspect a need for water or sewer line repair in Huntsville, AL, don’t hesitate to contact our crew for a superior solution.

Sewer Line Replacement & Cleaning

The range of our services encompasses both minor needs like sewer line cleaning and drain service, to major projects like sewer line replacement. If you own an older home, there’s a good likelihood that your sewer line is constructed from clay or cast iron. While quite effective for their installation and the years that followed, shifts in the soil or simple deterioration can lead these types of piping to frequently leak or even burst. Should any of the following occur, give us a call to discuss sewer line replacement.

  • Major Blockages: Major blockages in your sewer line can occur from both solid waste and the intrusion of tree roots. Tree roots can actually create blockages so severe, you will simply need to replace your pipes.
  • Waste in Your Yard: Of course, should sewer waste begin to pool in your yard, you have a problem that needs an immediate solution. Since the ground will typically absorb the thin stream from a leak, the appearance of standing waste means your line has likely ruptured.
  • Methane: Sewage releases methane as a byproduct of its decomposition. If you notice this distinctive stench in your yard or home, call for immediate service. This problem often develops out of old, ruptured piping that needs replacement with newer materials.

While sewer line replacement can seem like a major hassle, the team at Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC strives to make the process as easy as possible. We have a great deal of experience with pipe replacement, and understand all the strategies behind rapid, thorough solutions. For sewer line replacement in Huntsville, AL, or merely drain service, we’re the go-to source for quality work.

Whole House Repiping

If you find yourself in need of sewer line replacement, you may want to consider the comprehensive repiping of your home. A set of problems begins to appear once your pipes reach the end of their service life.

Imbalances in Water Pressure: Imbalanced water pressure can have a variety of causes. When it comes to the condition of your piping, old and severely corroded pipes can have the obstructions that lead to low water pressure.

Frequent Leaks: Any piping, even brand-new installations, can occasionally develop leaks. Frequent leaks, however, point to major problems. If your 20-year-old piping begins to leak on a regular basis, it likely sits on the edge of failure.

Brownish Water: This generally happens due to rust inside of your pipes. Pipes that have corroded to the point of water discoloration need replacement.

Most of us take our piping for granted, a merit of its dependable operation. Since your pipes are typically buried underground, placed behind walls, or run beneath the house, it’s easy to ignore them. However, the last thing you want is the catastrophic failure of your plumbing. To avoid the expense of major home repairs, call (256)-885-4333 to schedule replacement and preventative maintenance. For any repipe in Huntsville, AL, we’re the proven experts.

Local Experts for Plumbing Services

The expert technicians at Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC can provide for the dependable operation of any plumbing system. Should you need minor repairs, or even a comprehensive repipe, no job exists too small or large for our expertise. We respond rapidly to any call for help, and readily perform cleaning and drain service for Huntsville, AL-area clients. You rely on the proper function of your plumbing a great deal. Rely on our team for plumbing services, water heater maintenance, and gas line repair, and you can rest assured in the steady, dependable operation of your whole system. To learn more or schedule any service whatsoever, reach out to our masterful plumbers today at (256)-885-4333.