Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Plumber Preparing for Water Heater Replacement.

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Your water heater likely sees more service than any other appliance. Despite the continual workload necessary to keep your hot water at a stable temperature, these devices will reliably last for up to 10 years. Of course, this span only becomes attainable if you schedule regular maintenance from an expert team like Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC. Eventually, however, even a well-maintained water heater will reach the end of its service. To avoid the consequences of a failed water heater, you’ll want to schedule preemptive water heater replacement.

Ideally, you should have a water heater replaced once the unit begins to exhibit certain signs. If you wait too long, a failed water heater can create any number of problems. A leaking tank can flood the area of installation, a consequence that will require expensive restoration services. Thankfully, if you pay attention to your water heater, especially in regard to specific operational aspects, you can schedule replacement to avoid the worst consequences. For unbeatable services from an expert plumber, call (256)-885-4333 today. We’re the local, superior choice for water heater replacement in Huntsville, AL.

Signs for Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters are highly dependable appliances, and can offer consistent service for up to a decade. You never want to push a water heater beyond this point, though, especially if it begins to display operational issues. A failed water heater is an emergency situation, as leaks or a burst tank can quickly flood the area of installation. To avoid this catastrophe and its concomitant repair costs, pay attention for the indicators that signal a need for replacement.

Old Age

This may seem obvious, but old age represents the premier signal of a need for water heater replacement. If your water heater as reached or surpassed 10 years of age, you should absolutely call our team for an inspection. Even if the device seems to work fine, an old water can fail unexpectedly. Water heater failure comes with severe consequences, including:

  • Explosions: Pressure inside the water heater can strain corroded tank walls, especially if the relief valve has failed. As the pressure builds, the water heater could literally explode, a dangerous occurrence that can severely damage your home. An exploded water heater will not only flood the surrounding area, but also leave a great amount of debris and sediment.
  • Flooding: Water heater tanks contain a lot of water. Old heaters can suddenly develop cracks as a consequence of high water pressure and age. A severe crack could leak 40 to 112 gallons of water, depending on the size of your device. This much water will severely damage not only the surrounding area, but also your home’s foundation, and can create the potential for an intense proliferation of mold.
  • Fire: It may sound counter-intuitive that a failed water heater can lead to a fire. Keep in mind, however, that electrical wires are practically everywhere in a home. The great amount of water a failed heater releases puts these electrical lines in danger. Should the flood seep into your walls or interact with another appliance, it could generate the spark that leads to a house fire.

Considering the ramifications of an old water heater’s failure, you’ll definitely want to replace your aged device sooner rather than later. New water heaters also come with pronounced benefits when compared to older devices, including enhanced energy efficiency to save you money. If you don’t know the age of your water heater, inspect the area around the warning stickers. Sometimes you will find an obvious date of installation. If not, write down the unit’s serial number and compare it against the manufacturer’s reference key. Once decoded, the serial number will reveal your heater’s age.

Water Around the Heater

Brownish Water Flowing From a Sink as a Sign for Water Heater Replacement.

Brown Water Polluted with Rust and Sediment Reveals a Heater in Need of Replacement.

This indicates that your water heater has sprung a leak, one of the first major indicators of impending failure. A crack in your water heater’s tank cannot be repaired, and necessitates immediate water heater replacement. If you delay this action, the pressure inside of your water heater’s tank will cause the crack to expand. As the crack worsens, so does the flood potential.

Unusual Noises

A water heater should operate in near silence. If you begin to hear strange noises from your unit, you probably need replacement. Bangs, pops, and other unusual sounds usually occur thanks to the presence of hardened sediment. Sediment naturally collects inside of a water heater, thanks to its presence in your water. If you live in an area with especially hard water, sediment will accumulate even more quickly in your heater’s tank. As this sediment settles, it gets heated and re-heated, again and again. This process will eventually make the sediment harden, a problem that has no repair solution. Hardened sediment can become detached to bang around inside your heater. It can also come into contact with the heating element, an interaction that creates a popping sound.

Rusty Water

If the water that appears out of your water heater has a brownish or rusty color, it likely indicates corrosion on the interior of your heater’s tank. This is a natural consequence that occurs when an aged heater begins to deteriorate. Obviously, you don’t want to use water polluted with rust and sediment. There exists no repair option for this problem, which will only worsen until the weakened tank bursts. Water heater replacement stands as the only way to avoid this catastrophe.

At Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC, we pride ourselves on the proficiency of our water heater services. For any problem or issue you might encounter, we can offer an expert solution. Pay attention to the signs of impending failure, and call us at (256)-885-4333 for water heater replacement in Huntsville, AL. Once we get your call, we’ll act rapidly to provide you with the optimized installation of a new water heater.