What is the Best Way to Clear a Slow Drain?

A Slow Drain With Problems

Slow Drain Issues

Cleaning a slow drain doesn’t have to be a complex process, as long as you know what you’re doing or as long as you have a drain cleaning service on call. That’s why we’re going to take a look at some of your most commonly asked questions and some of the topics that you’ve been wondering about.

What is the Best Chemical to Unclog Drains?

Chemicals are one of the most popular methods for clearing out drains and they’re also one of the easiest. That’s because all you need to do is pour the chemical in and let it do its job. When it comes to the best chemical, you want something like a lye, bleach or an acid based cleaner. These products are going to help dissolve the hair and the gunk that gets clogged up in your drains, so you don’t have to worry about just pushing them through like some systems do.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Main Drain?

Cleaning out a main drain for your home with a drain cleaning service can be a bit more expensive, but you’re going to be around a couple hundred dollars, depending on where you are. Some areas are going to be a little more expensive while others might actually be a little lower. It’s also going to depend on whether you have a multi-story house (which determines where the draining will be done) or if specialty equipment needs to be used. You can find out more with Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC.

What Will Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

If you’re looking to dissolve hair in the drain you want to look for a chemical that contains lye or an acid based cleaner. These are the ones that are going to eat through anything and everything in their path and they’ll make sure any hair that’s still in there is dissolved quickly.

How Do You Unblock a Drain Fast?

The first step to try to unblock a drain is usually some type of chemical cleaner. As discussed above, these could be an acidic cleaner, a lye based cleaner or a bleach based cleaner. Each of these works in a slightly different way but they work to unblock most drains. In the event that doesn’t work, you could try a snake or a special drain plunger. If none of these work you’ll want to contact a drain cleaning service as the problem could require more extensive drain repair.

What is Good to Clean Drains?

If you’re going to clean drains you’ll need a quality chemical product or a drain cleaning service. They’re the ones who will help you if the clog is too big for you to take care of yourself. You can start by using the recommended amount of a drain cleaner and if that doesn’t work, calling a professional can help take the worry off of you and get it taken care of fast.

Drain Cleaning and Plumbing

When it comes to cleaning out your drains and the plumbing through your house it’s important to be careful. The plumbing in there is generally made with PVC, which can be damaged if you’re using the wrong materials. And damage to the pipes can result in even more problems throughout your house later on. Starting with the simplest and least ‘invasive’ method is your best option, but work your way up as needed until it’s time to call a drain cleaning service like Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC.

Drain Cleaning Bladder vs. Snake

Sometimes it comes down to what equipment you want to use when you’re cleaning out your own pipes. The bladder and snake are two popular options, so let’s take a look at just what each of them entails. The snake is a commonly used product that is made of plastic or metal and looks exactly like what it sounds like, a snake. You stick it down into the drain and push it slowly (and carefully) through the pipes to get to the blockage and then you try to pull it back out.

A bladder is a slightly different product that you put into the drain and attach to a water hose. Once it’s full of water it pushes all that water through the drain as quickly as possible. This can help to clear out the drain by forcing the blockage through. In general, this should be your choice after you’ve already tried the snake as forcing water through could cause the blockage to be more firmly packed into place.

Drain Cleaning Equipment

There are several types of drain cleaning equipment out there, and you can use them or you can hire a professional to do it. Products that include snakes are available in home versions and commercial versions. Chemicals to dissolve hair and grime in the drain are another common product and are usually the first step for homeowners. When it comes to professionals, there are tools like hydro jets that force large amounts of water through the pipes to clear out any obstruction.

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Drain Cleaning Hacks

When it comes to cleaning out your drain there are some options that are common and quite popular and then there are some that are a little less known. But they still tend to work pretty well. They include:

  • Bent wire hanger
  • Wet/Dry vacuum
  • Boiling water
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Caustic soda
  • Dish detergent

When all else fails, call a drain cleaning service to take care of things for you and get you back to using your house the way you need it most. When you’re done, check out some tips on improving other parts of your house, with roof repair and replacement. To get quality service for your drains in Huntsville, AL, call Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC at (256)-885-4333 today!