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An annual flush of sediment can help level out your water tank, providing what can feel like more water supply.

Do Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Water heaters are one of, if not the, most used appliance in any household. We use water heaters when showering, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, etc. Hot and cold water is a necessity for any thriving household. And for many, the water heater is one of the most neglected appliances. It is only noticed when it starts to fail, but that can change with regular maintenance. Keeping with a schedule of inspections and servicing, your water heater can last longer and work better. You won’t have to give your water heater a second thought – at least until the next inspection. If you’re wondering, “Is there water heater inspection near me?” the answer is yes! Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC provide quality water heater services, including water heater inspections for Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (256)-885-4333 to schedule an appointment.

Why Maintenance is Important

Regular maintenance of your water heater can and does produce many benefits for you. Water heaters are high-demand appliances. They really are one of the most used appliances in every household, so they need consistent upkeep. One of the best things you can do is schedule an annual Water heater inspection. Through the inspection, contractors will be able to find possible problems and get ahead of them. Along with staying ahead, you’ll be able to see maintenance benefits such as:

  • Increased efficiency: The fact of the matter is, the older an appliance is, the less efficient it will be. But, when regularly maintained, appliances of any age will work more efficiently. They will work more closely to how they are supposed to instead of struggling.
  • Money saved: With the increased efficiency, your heater will not have to waste excess energy trying to do its job. That can mean some serious money is saved in your pocket. Regular maintenance also means you’re not having to pay out for costly repairs.
  • Longevity: Most water heaters have a lifespan of about 8-12 years, but many homeowners neglect their heaters causing them to fail much sooner. Scheduling annual inspections and maintenance can help your water heater to last longer and work better.
  • No surprises: When you know what is going on with your water heater there won’t be any surprises. Many homeowners can suddenly find themselves with no hot water or, even worse, with serious damages to face. Regular maintenance mean that you won’t have as many surprises to deal with.
  • Full volume: Over the course of a year, sediment and minerals build up in your water heater causing the actual amount of water your heater can hold to reduce. A simple tune-up once a year can flush the sediment out, allowing your the water levels to balance out.

Sticking with a regular and consistent maintenance schedule will make sure your water heater is always working properly. No one wants to find themselves in the middle of a shower with no hot water. Just like no one wants to find they needed repairs for hail damage in Birmingham, AL in the middle of a storm. Annual inspections and bi-annual maintenance will help to reduce surprises, reduce wasted money, and reduce worrying about your water heater.

Even between inspections, homeowners can regularly check their own water heaters to stay ahead of issues.

Water Heater Inspection Checklist

In between visits, there are several things homeowners can do to inspect their unit. While it is recommended to wait for a licensed professional to complete an extensive inspection, homeowners are still encouraged to pay attention to their units. When doing a cursory check, look for things like:

  • Checking the gas line
  • Make sure connections are tight
  • Ensure exposed vents are not clogged
  • Check the cold water line is secure and valve is not clogged
  • Check the hot water line is secure and valve is not clogged
  • Clear out any debris that may have collected in combustion vent
  • Check that pilot light is still lit
  • Make sure that gas lines are secure

During an inspection, your contractor can tell you what the pressure levels should be at for your water and gas lines. Write them down and check to make sure they stay in the appropriate ranges. Along with everything else, your water heater should run as smoothly as it possibly can in the time that you’ll have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should water heaters be inspected?
    • Since water heaters are one of the most used household appliances, regular inspections are a must. Ideally, inspections should happen twice a year, but even once a year is enough to ensure a fully-functioning and long-lasting water heater.
  • How much does a water heater inspection cost?
    • Not including a water heater inspection fee, the service itself can cost anywhere from $70-$110.
  • Can a homeowner install a water heater?
    • Most cities allow for unlicensed people, or homeowners, to install their own water heaters. That being said, there are a lot of things that can quickly and easily go wrong during installation, which is why it’s best to rely on companies like Hot n Cold Plumbing LLC.
  • How often should water heater be serviced?
    • At minimum, once a year. That annual servicing will guarantee your water heater works for as long as it should, as well as it should.
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